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From tackling global warming, to helping people live longer, healthier lives, innovations in materials science and engineering are helping to push back the boundaries of what is possible.
A career in materials science and engineering combines elements of chemistry, biology, physics, design and technology to improve the sustainability and performance of the things around us by developing new materials and processing methods.

The future is what you make it, but it is also what you make it out of...

Exterior of Manchester University building

British Science Week: 5-14 March 2021

To coincide with British Science Week, we invited people to Discover Materials all around them. Materials Science experts discussed the circular economy of materials - from metals to biomaterials - and why this is so important for sustainability and tackling pollution. There was a talk on how to make biomaterials from simple ingredients around the home and, later in the week, we investigated some methods of testing materials at home and looked at how similar tests are used in the lab to develop new materials. We also investigated how different materials are recycled.

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